BASH Webinar 1/2021 focuses on the most important aspect of headache i.e., history taking. Mark Weatherall, chair of BASH speaks about how to take a concise but comprehensive history taking from headache patients. Alok Tyagi will discuss red flags that indicate a possible serious underlying cause of headache. David Kernick is past chair of BASH and currently leads the association’s general practitioner’s special interest group. David has been involved in many GP headache seminars and webinars.

The second webinar of the current series focuses on thunderclap headache and other secondary headaches. Modar Khalil will be talking about the Thunderclap headaches that includes subarachnoid haemorrhage while Anish Bahra will cover other secondary headaches. Kay Kennis from primary care will be sharing her perspective from community based care as a GP with special interest in headache.