Childhood Headache 2nd Edition

Clinics in Developmental Medicine

Edited by Ishaq Abu-Arafeh (BASH member)

Provides practising clinicians with a comprehensive source of advice and knowledge on the diagnosis and management of childhood headache disorders. Chapters include quality of life, early diagnosis, and pathophysiology. Current and future therapies are covered, as well as models of service provision.

•    Explores the current evidence base into the causes and treatments of childhood headache.
•    Clinical experience brought to life with real case vignettes.
•    Expanded information on difficult diagnoses, atypical presentations, management issues, and treatment options.
•    New chapter on drawing as expression of headache by patients.

Reviews of the first edition
“… this book fills an important gap in the literature on headache in childhood and can
be recommended for the libraries of all paediatric departments.”
Acta Pædiatrica
“Overall the book is excellent. It is clinically relevant, concise, and readable.”
Archives of Neurology
“… this book, analysing the spectrum and complexity of migraine, as well as other types
of headache, is a very good source of knowledge.”
European Journal of Paediatic Neurology

Childhood Headache 2nd edition