Cumbria Headache Forum

Chaired by

Dr Jitka Vanderpol, Consultant Neurologist and Headache Expert, Cumbria.

Guest Speakers:

Ms Siobhan Jones, Lead Headache Nurse Practitioner, Manchester.

Dr Manuela Fontebasso, Headache Expert and Author, York.

Mrs Susan Hurst, Headache Specialist Nurse, Cumbria Neurology.

• Free access to all interested

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• Educational platform

• Supporting our patients

• Improving access to the service


2:30pm Warm welcome (Chair) – Dr Jitka Vanderpol

2:35pm Migraine & Headache Introduction – Mrs Susan Hurst

3:05pm Injectable Treatments: GON block and Botox – Dr Jitka Vanderpol

3:30pm From Menarche to Menopause : Hormones Explored – Dr Manuela Fontebasso

4:05pm Migraine – Emerging Therapies, where are we now? – Miss Siobhan Jones

4:30pm Questions & Answers

We would like to hear patients’ voice and experience. The forum is open to all patients as well as headache professionals in Cumbria and the UK.

Please come and join us!

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