In the early 90′s the interest in headache had grown and meetings of the International Headache Society were attended well, there was a suggestion that there was enough interest to create national bodies that could bring people together and work towards headache patients in their own country.  National organisations would be a part of the International arena and their views would be represented globally.  It was Dr Timothy J Steiner who laid the foundation of the British Association for the Study of Headache in 1992.  The organisation only had a handful of foundation members but there were no regular meetings and there was very little interest among the GP’s and the neurologists to support the organisation.

BASH has grown from there to nearly 130 members.  Over the years BASH has come up with national guidelines to help the headache physicians and the medical community in general to treat their patients most effectively.  Others were to follow as in 2008 Scottish guidelines arrived (SIGN) followed by NICE guidelines that has been recently launched.

BASH has played a pivotal role in education over the years with organisation of meetings for the public and professionals to promote interest in headache.  20 years after its start, BASH now has members belonging to various disciplines including specialist nurses, therapists, GP’s with special interest and the headache community has grown to have its own identity among the British Neurologists.

In the past 10 years biennial meetings have been taking place in Hull attended by 200 delegates and SpR meetings in Keele that is regarded as the best SpR training course in headache. The paediatric subcommittee hold their own educational meetings and the sub-committee of the General Practitioners have a strong voice.  BASH has held many meetings in different corners of the UK (mostly free of charge) to educate general physicians, acute take doctors and general practitioners in the field of headache and to up date on the management of common headache disorders.

BASH as a part of the Headache UK has contributed actively in the All Party Parliamentary Group on Headache Disorders (APPGHD) and its members have actively contributed through presentation in the parliamentary arena.  As a registered stakeholder to the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) BASH has been on the forefront of providing viewpoint of the headache professionals in the development of new treatments for headache disorders.


Past Chairman

2011 – 2013     Fayyaz Ahmed

2009 – 2011     Richard Peatfield

2007 – 2009     David Kernick

2003 – 2007     Paul Davies

2000 – 2003     Des Carroll