Headache Clinics

A headache clinic is run by a Neurologist or General Practitioner with a special interest in headache disorders.  Although every Neurologist and GP will see headache patients; those with special interest have had additional training in headache disorders and do see more headache disorders than a generalist.  A specialist qualified nurse (Headache Nurse) is often affiliated with such clinics who is able to spend more time to discuss lifestyle issues, triggers and general management of headache.

The doctor will take a detailed history to reach the diagnosis of headache and will arrange any investigations if required.  In the vast majority of primary headache disorders such as migraine, tension headache and cluster headache no additional tests are necessary.  The doctor will discuss the available options of treatment and together with the patient will be able to make a best possible joint decision for further treatment.

Not every migraine sufferer need to attend a headache clinic as the vast majority are easily treated and monitored by the GP.  However, referral to a migraine clinic is needed if there is doubt on the diagnosis, if a serious cause to the headache is expected and when the migraine is difficult to control with conventional treatment.

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